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We value a culture of satisfactory attendance at Canyon Crest.  Students who have positive attendance outcomes generally perform at academically higher levels, have a greater connection to the school, and are better equipped for life success.  It is therefore important for students to be at school, and in their classes, on time each morning.

Students rely on beginning-of-the-day routines and systems to start the day and effectively prepare for learning.  We kindly ask that all students are in their seats ready to start learning at 8:50am – School starts at 8:50am.

Starting after Labor Day, we will have the Pledge of Allegiance at 8:50am.  Teachers will take attendance promptly after the Pledge of Allegiance.  Instruction will start immediately after teachers take attendance.  Any students who arrive at school after 8:50am will be documented as tardy.

Please Note: We understand students may need to miss or be late to school for valid reasons (e.g., illness).  For these extenuating circumstances, please work with your child’s teacher(s) and the main office to make academic arrangements and document attendance correctly.

We have attached an attendance fact sheet for your reference.  Please reach out to our administrative assistant, Tiffany McCloud, if you have any questions (


Canyon Crest


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