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Canyon Crest Elementary School

Canyon Crest Parents/Guardians,

Our Safety Committee has recommended we create additional safety precautions for our drop-off/pick-up areas.  Starting soon, we will be blocking off the west-most aisle in our parking lot with traffic cones.  This is to prevent students from walking between parked and moving cars to the extent possible.

The other aisle in our parking lot should be exclusively for parents who are parking their car and coming into the school with their child.  This aisle is not meant to be for student drop-off/pick-up.

The drop-off/pick-up lane procedures include the following:

  • Ensure your child exits and enters the vehicle on the right-side only (the side closest to the school).
  • Vehicles should not try to go around other vehicles.  Please wait for the vehicle in front of you to move forward.
  • Move as far forward in the drop-off/pick-up lane before allowing your child to exit or enter the vehicle.
  • Pay attention to faculty/staff.
  • Help us to be as safe and efficient as possible.

Please see the attachment below for more information.

The Canyon Crest Safety Committee thanks you for helping to support student safety during our drop-off/pick-up areas.  Please reach out to Tiffany McCloud with any questions (


Canyon Crest


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