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Ms. Durrant had a Chalk Day for the kids during Art class. They were learning about Banksy who is an artist that paints things on certain subjects that need to be talked about, such as pollution and the unfairness in the artist world due to paying the artist for their work. He also paints things that make people smile, so we had a chalk day and one of the requirements for it was that the kids had to write or draw something nice for someone else to see to brighten up their day. The kids were so excited for this project and everyone did wonderfully in helping bring a smile to someone else! Some of the fourth grade boys created a Ukrainian flag to show their support for the people in Ukraine because of the war going on in their country. We’re grateful for learning and growing moments in our school, especially when our kiddos also learn about kindness and compassion. Thank you Ms. Durrant!


In our library specialty, we are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by reading books by Spanish-speaking authors. The kids have loved it!...

Our 6th graders in Señora George's classes did a fun Hydro Dipping Experiment this year. They integrated art into their science lesson about matter, temperature, and density. Wow! That looks so...