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Canyon Crest Elementary School

Last modified: September 14, 2020

01/27 – 01/31

01/027 – 01/31 Science

Resource availability affects population- Students will figure out how populations are affected by resource availability, especially deer, the hummingbirds, and June Suckers populations in Utah. They will understand the difference between population and habitat.

Homework: None

Social Studies

Medieval Castles- Students will present their castles and explain the use of Math and Art in their projects.


Reading: “Inventando el Futuro”.

Unit question: How do inventions originate?

Vocabulary: Porcentaje/ Percentage, Eficiencia/Efficiency, Generar/Generate, Transmitir/Transmit, Convertir/Convert, Reproducir/Reproduce, Proclamar/Proclaim, Inventar/Invent.

Language Arts: Students will write a biography about an inventor and how the invention benefits our lives.

Homework: Read chapter 3 from “The Wizard of Oz”.