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Canyon Crest Elementary School

Last modified: September 14, 2020

02/03 – 02/07

02/03 – 02/07


Resource availability affects population- Students will continue studying the effect of resources availability in a habitat and compare different graph. They will look at populations such as prairie dogs and mountain plovers. They will construct a habitat.

Homework: None

Social Studies

Changes in society- Students will understand how people live in different countries at different socioeconomic levels and the impact that changes brought to society.


Reading: Students are finishing their inventor’s biography and will be presenting it to the class.

Unit question: How do inventions originate?

Vocabulary: Porcentaje/ Percentage, Eficiencia/Efficiency, Generar/Generate, Transmitir/Transmit, Convertir/Convert, Reproducir/Reproduce, Proclamar/Proclaim, Inventar/Invent.

Language Arts: Students will write a biography about an inventor and how the invention benefits our lives.

Homework: Read chapter 4 from “The Wizard of Oz”.