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Canyon Crest Elementary School

Last modified: September 14, 2020

09/30 – 10/04


Solar System: Properties of the Planets- Students will explore the different planets’ profiles by taking a close look at the different properties of each of the planets, including mass, distance from the sun, temperature, revolution period, etc. and determine where there are patterns and correlations between the different planets. Students will research the different types of technology being used to learn about space.

Home work due on Friday, the 4th.

Assessment: We’ll have the unit 3 assessment on Friday, the 4th.

Social Studies

The importance of Religion in Ancient Civilization Culture, part I: Students will be able to identify general beliefs from the religions; Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam and give examples of how they are represented through traditions, holidays, sacred texts and places.


Finish Reading: “El universo y la creación del mundo” (The universe and the creation of the world). 

Unit Question: What do we learn when we observe nature?

Vocabulary: Astrónomos, ciencia ficción, colapsan, colisionar, compacto, galaxia.

Language Arts: Nouns and its plurals.

Verbs: ‘Ser’ and ‘Ir’.