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Canyon Crest Elementary School

Last modified: September 14, 2020

12/16 12/19

12/16 – 12/19 Science

Weather Prediction (Final Prediction) – Students will be doing a final weather prediction and use the weather instruments to measure temperature, wind, rain, and pressure outside.

Homework: None

Social Studies

Medieval Castles- Students will learn about medieval castles and their use. They will be introduced to the “Building of a Castle” project that we’ll be doing after the break.


Finish Reading: “Adiós a la luna”.

Language Arts: Meaning of a text.

Verbs: 1st person singular in regular verbs.


Contemporary Art- We’ll have a guest speaker who will talk to the students about contemporary art. They’ll have an opportunity to draw and put to practice their skills. We’ll implement the lesson by adding math as they will need to use different math tools to draw.