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Canyon Crest Elementary School

Last modified: September 14, 2020

12/09 – 12/13


Weather Prediction (Cont.) – Students will be using evidence to predict the weather for 4 more days. They’ll be collecting the data from weather websites as well as from weather instruments. They’ll learn how to use an anemometer, a barometer, and a rain gauge.

Homework: Anything they don’t finish in class.

Water Cycle test on Friday, the 13th.

Social Studies

Introduction to Middle Ages II- Students will learn about art, economy, lifestyle, and curiosities in Middle Ages. They will compare factors of this period with the ones in our present.


Reading: “Adiós a la luna”.

Vocabulary: automáticamente (automatically), combustión (combustion), menguaba (waning), negociar (negotiate), soplar (to blow).

Comprehension: Compare and contrast.

Grammar: Words with ‘h’.