All year long, our students have been reading their books for  Battle of the Books. Every single one of our 3rd – 6th graders participated this year! Wow! We are thrilled to have had so much excitement from the kids this year. We are so happy that so many students are involved in reading and developing a love for books. We have been having preliminary Battles since the beginning of March. Wednesday, March 31st  is the big final Battle of the Books at our school to see who advances to the District battle. We have one first place team from each grade that will participate in the final battle. The teams advancing to this final battle are – 3rd grade – Girl Power; 4th Grade: Flaming Flamingos; 5th Grade: The Spicy Jalapeños; 6th Grade: Cheese Raiders The Sequel. Classes and parents are welcome to watch this final battle on a YouTube Live starting at 9 am, Wednesday, March 31st, 2021. We are excited to see this final battle. The 5th and 6th grade battle will be at 9am and the 3rd and 4th grade battle will be at 9:40am. To view the battles, click on this link. Good luck students!