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Selah was at the top of her class for practice minutes (222) in her fourth grade class for the week of our TYPING CLUB CHALLENGE.  We asked Selah why it’s important to NOT look at your hands while typing, and she said “then you get better accuracy and you can do it better. (It actually works!)”. You are so right Selah! Great Job! (Check out Selah’s video below 🙂

Avi was also at the top of his fourth grade class for practice minutes (151) for the Challenge. We asked Avi why it’s important to use the correct fingers when typing, and he said “because you will build the muscle memory that you need.” Avi also told us that he likes keyboarding because “It is a good challenge. You also learn new things. You can also learn new reasons why you should do something and why not.” He suggests that everyone “JUST KEEP TYPING.” Great Job Avi!

We hope that all students in grades 3-6 grades will make sure that they get their 60 minutes of practice in each and every week, so that they can have really strong muscle memory to type correctly. Being able to type correctly on a keyboard is something that you will use and appreciate throughout your entire life.



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