We were so excited to have had four of our 6th graders compete for our school in the Provo Police Olympics. The Provo City Police Department challenged any elementary schools that wanted to enter, to a series of challenges. First was a written essay challenge, then an obstacle course—including tunnel, corn hole, math problem, step over, slide under, handcuff challenge, donut pull, and a bandage challenge. Third, students had a long-distance run (in the rain!), and then push up, sit up , and jump challenges. Our fans (6th graders, teachers, and administrators) were also challenged to cheer as loud as they could for our Olympians. The fans also got to practice doing the “wave”. We are so proud of our students! They did such a great job in all of the challenges. Way to go Canyon Crest Cubs! We will find out the results when all participating schools have completed their Provo Police Olympics. The winning school will get a pizza party provided by the Provo City Police.