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ProvoREADS 2022-23 Presents: Reading… Your Passport to Adventure!

ProvoREADS is an initiative in association with all district school libraries, to promote literacy and deepen a love for lifelong reading with our students.

Each year we choose to focus or highlight a certain genre or author for students to read. This 2022-23 school year we have chosen the theme “Reading….Your Passport to Adventure!”

What kid doesn’t love a good adventure book? After all, adventure books are exciting, packed full of twists and turns, and take readers on a white-knuckle journey of discovery. They teach creativity, team work, inner strength, mystery and resilience packed with thrilling events. Adventure books for kids also come in all sizes and genres so every child can find something that fits his or her particular taste. With that said district librarians will be introducing books of all genres that present an adventure in reading.

Students will be given the opportunity to document their reading through a treasure map or passport journal for adventure themed prizes and drawings held through the school year.

Our goal is to provide opportunities to bring our school community together reading common books, instilling the desire to be lifelong readers and enjoying the pure joy that comes from reading.

Our Canyon Crest Librarian and her aid, Launa Naylor and Celeste LaFollette, had fun with the kids to kick off the new Provo Reads theme by dressing up as something different everyday for a week. Thanks for making it fun Mrs. Naylor!



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