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Hi there!

Our Canyon Crest Elementary students have been working hard to put together this Virtual Play over Zoom! We have done everything virtually – auditions, rehearsals, and now our performance!

We are excited to have you join us as we proudly present Mother Goosed: A Virtual Mystery!

Our play live stream will start right at 6:30pm on Tuesday, May 4, 2021.

  • Please join in a few minutes early to make sure you can get a good connection and so we can start right on time! 6:15 would be a great arrival time.

We have three ways for you to join us!

I. The first and preferred option is via Youtube Live at this link:

Scheduled Youtube Live Link:

Youtube instructions:

1. Copy/Type in link to browser window

2. Watch the show!

Troubleshooting tips for Youtube Live: If you’re having trouble with lag or buffering over Youtube live, first try backing up your video’s cursor anywhere between 30-120 seconds. You’ll be a minute or two behind the cast in watching what’s going on, but you’ll probably have a better stream quality overall. If the youtube live is still not working well enough for you to have an enjoyable watching experience, we have second option for you to join us via GoogleMeet. See Option II for more information.

II. The second (backup) option is by joining us in an audience GoogleMeet.

Google Meet Link: (for parents/audience):

Dial-in: (US) +1 929-324-2966

PIN: 665 757 619#

Google Meet Instructions:

Click link and join meeting (you will have to wait to be admitted). OR Type in code to join meeting in GoogleMeet Immediately MUTE Audio and do NOT Share Video and do NOT Chat In the audience’s GoogleMeet I am screensharing the cast’s separate zoom meeting. You can see them, but they can’t see or hear you and you are Not in the same meeting. Please keep your Audio MUTED and your Video OFF the entire time. (If you accidentally unmute yourself our whole audience will be able to hear you, so let’s avoid that!)

For a better view (once inside the GoogleMeet):

Click the 3 dots in the right hand corner (on a computer) Click Change Layout Click Spotlight – This will focus in on the zoom meeting only. Use the GoogleMeet option if you are having trouble with the Youtube Livestream. Note: This is a live meeting similar to a Zoom meeting. However, the purpose of it is not for audience members to chat or communicate with each other, it is ONLY to watch the students in the show. So please keep your mics MUTED and your CAMERAS OFF for the duration of the performance, and don’t use the CHAT feature. (The only exception to this might be if you need to send a personal message to me, Mrs. Dunlap, for technical issues concerning getting connected properly. You can also email me at if you have comments or questions about the show and I’ll get to them as I can.)

III. The third way to join us is if you miss the livestream, there will be a recorded version of our show that will be shared once it is edited and finalized!

This will not be immediately available, but will take a few days for editing and processing. A link to access this recorded version will be shared with all CAST members/PARENTS and TEACHERS at our school. Our royalty rights for this production allow us to distribute this link freely and share with your families, classes and friends to view! Teachers this would be a great option for you to share with your classes, so they can support our cast in celebrating the arts!

Contact and Comments! If you have any technical difficulties, comments, or questions about the show, please email me at

Also if you have any feedback (especially the positive kind) you’d like to share with our students in the CAST, please shoot me an email with it! We’ve loved discovering and performing in this format, but one thing we realized we won’t get is audience feedback like applause and laughter at the funny parts. So if you’d like to share your favorite part or something that made you laugh or a character you liked, please EMAIL ME! I’ll be able to share audience comments at the Cast Party! 🙂

Thank you everyone so much for your support of the Arts here at Canyon Crest! The students have been working HARD and have had amazing patience and creativity working together over Zoom! I hope you’ll join us for our show in one of our 3 viewing options!


Amelia Dunlap BTS Drama Arts Educator Canyon Crest and Wasatch Elementary Schools


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