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Canyon Crest Elementary School

We’re always seeking to improve student and school safety. 

As part of improving security measures, Provo City School District is securing all elementary school vestibules (the room between the outer door and building interior) to better filter out potential threats and track visitors on our school grounds. 

What does this mean for me?

When entering school grounds, prepare to stop in our secured vestibule before visiting the front desk. Here’s what entering the school will look like:

Press the buzzer to alert our front desk staff. Front desk staff will then find you on their direct camera footage of the vestibule. Front desk staff will ask for your name and reason for visiting through the two-way speaker. After reviewing vestibule footage and verifying your purpose for visiting, the front desk staff will buzz you in. Head to the front desk for a visitor’s pass and guest sign-in, and then you’re on your way.Please make sure that you visit the front desk for check out before leaving. We’re depending on you, staff, and students to help maintain and continually improve on our culture of safety. Thank you for your willingness to keep schools safe. 


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