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Canyon Crest Elementary School

Hopefully you have already noticed the STUDENT ART WALL that is in the front foyer of the school. We are loving to see the artwork that our students create. When our Art Classes have finished a new project, we will see a sampling of their work from some of our students. Don’t forget to check it out when you are in the building. “Creativity is intelligence having fun!” (Albert Einstein)


Please watch Dr. Edward's weekly video message here: Dr. Edward's Weekly Video Message for 2 - 26 Vea aquí el mensaje semanal en vídeo del Dr. Edward: Mensaje semanal en vídeo del Dr. Edward...

Please access Dr. Edward's Weekly Message for 2-19 to 2-23 here: Dr. Edward's Weekly Message 2-19 to...

Canyon Crest Parents/Guardians, Please note the following weekly announcements.    SCHOOL SPELLING BEE: The school spelling bee will be this Friday, February 23rd starting at 9:00am. ...