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Aren’t we glad we don’t have to type like that anymore! We have had such a good week of practice in Typing Club during our TYPING CLUB CHALLENGE! We want to thank all who participated and to remind you that even if your class did not win, you have done yourself a big favor in getting better at typing on a keyboard. We want to congratulate everyone who participated on a job well done! Also, just a reminder that all students in grades 3-6 should be getting 1 hour of practice each week to strengthen your muscle memory so that you can improve every week. We also want to congratulate everyone who passed your Typing Test this week. Our hope was that you would practice A LOT and be able to pass your End of Second Term Typing Test. So GREAT JOB EVERYONE!. Remember that those who meet the 60 minute weekly challenge and those who passed the typing test are posted in the hallway outside the computer lab door.

It’s time now to reveal who the class winner was (please remember that we divided the total number of minutes per class by the number of student’s to get a student average for each class.) And the winner is . . . (drumroll please!)

SEÑORA GEORGE’S 6TH GRADE CLASS (Miss Mildenhall was also great at encouraging the kids) with an average per student of 74.47 minutes.

Below are the results of every class so that you can see how your class did on the challenge.

Here are some pictures of our winning class – Señora George’s. We think they really enjoyed their treats! Good Job Everyone!


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