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Every week or so, we will be posting a story about one of our wonderful support staff members here at Canyon Crest. We want everyone to know just how lucky we all are to have such great people working here at our school.

Name: Ms. Durrant

Title: Instructional Assistant

I am the Art Teacher and Spanish Push In. I teach art to almost all grades. I love when the kids bring their creativity to the table. I also teach Spanish for half an hour to the traditional classes. I prepare lessons at home, and we practice quite a bit. I’m so lucky I’m doing the things I love. I’ve been drawing since about the age of 10 and I’ve been speaking Spanish all my life.

My favorite thing about Canyon Crest is the children. Each class and grade has their perks. But I love when the students come to art. They’re all so creative. They surprise me every day with their talents. I love giving them an assignment and seeing what they do. They take the assignment and turn it into something I wouldn’t have thought of. I like seeing their eyes light up when I tell them what we are doing for the day. They always make me laugh. They’re all so unique and have amazing personalities. They make me smile everyday. Granted, some days are harder than others, but this is the best job I could ask for. I love teachings and the kids are always so ready to learn, and eager to be productive. This is why the kids are the best thing at Canyon Crest. But of course they are this great because of their parents and the teachers that teach here.

An interesting thing about me is that I design and paint jackets.

We think you are great Ms. Durrant!  Thank you for all that you do to make Canyon Crest great too!


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