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Canyon Crest Elementary School

Canyon Crest Community,

We want to wish you an enjoyable and safe Spring Break.  As we prepare for next school year, sometimes it can feel that the only thing constant is change.  But, one thing that remains consistent is our genuine care for the students that we serve.  I am reminded of our STEM Night and how our teachers wanted to work well into the evening to provide important and engaging STEM learning opportunities to students.  They are not required or expected to do this, but they wanted to because of their deep commitment to our students and their learning.  It is with this collective care that we now transition into a new month.

Our primary focus for the month of April is our state accountability testing.  This is such a fantastic opportunity for students to demonstrate everything they have learned this school year.  We kindly ask that parents help students to 1. get a good night’s sleep, 2. eat a healthy breakfast, and 3. arrive to school on time.  We want to provide students with the greatest possible chances for success.  More important than “taking a test,” is the data that comes from the assessments.  Our School Leadership Team, School Community Council, and Professional Learning Communities (teacher teams) routinely analyze and evaluate assessment outcomes to make data-informed decisions about how to best support students.  For example, the results from our state accountability testing will impact schoolwide goals, core instruction, intervention systems, and supplemental program decisions.

Additionally, we have the following events/activities on the calendar for April:

-Tuesday, April 9: PTA Meeting at 11:00am

-Friday, April 19: Safety Drill (Shelter Protocol)

-Friday, April 19: PTA Color Run

-Friday, April 26: Assembly

Thank you for your continued support of our wonderful school.


Dr. Sean Edwards


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