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Embark on your literary journey by joining the Battle of the Books program in Provo City School District. Or, enjoy one of our reads from this year’s Battle of the Books booklist.

What is Battle of the Books?

Elementary and Middle school students read a selection of books and then compete in a friendly team-based competition (also known as battles) based on their book knowledge. The program promotes reading comprehension, teamwork, and a love for literature.

Contact your school’s librarian or media specialist if you’re interested in participating in Battle of the Books or learning more about the program. They can provide more information about how the program works, the booklist for the year, and how to get involved. 

For those already in the know, feel free to get a jump early and start your reading now. Or, for those looking for some fun family reads, peruse this year’s Battle of the Books booklist below.

Happy reading, and good luck battling!

Elementary School, Grades 3-4:

  • Applegate, Katherine – The One and Only
  • Ivan Barretta, Gene – Lincoln and Kennedy: A Pair to Compare
  • Blume, Judy – Freckle Juice
  • Brown, Tricia – Bobbie the Wonder Dog: a true story
  • Byars, Betsy – Tornado
  • Catling, Patrick Skene – The Chocolate Touch
  • Cleary, Beverly – Muggie MaggieClements, Andrew – Frindle
  • Davies, Jacqueline – The Lemonade War
  • DiCamillo, Kate – Because of Winn-Dixie
  • Dowell, Frances – Phineas L. MacGuire…Erupts!: The First Experiment
  • Fleming, Candace – Boxes for Katje
  • LaReau, Kara – The Infamous Ratsos
  • Orr, Wendy – Nim’s Island
  • Pennypacker, Sara – Clementine
  • Scieszka, Jon – Knights of the Kitchen Table
  • Tarshis, Lauren – I Survived The Great Molasses Flood, 1919
  • Warner, Gertrude – Boxcar Children
  • White, E.B. – Charlotte’s Web
  • Winter, Jonah – You Never Heard of Sandy Koufax?!

Elementary School, 5-6 Grade:

  • Christopher, John – The White Mountains (Tripods Series #1)
  • Christopher, Matt – Ice Magic
  • Edwards, Roberta – Who Was Neil Armstrong?
  • George, Jean Craighead – My Side of the Mountain
  • Grabenstein, Chris – Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library
  • Jones, Kelly – Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer
  • Korman, Gordon – Masterminds
  • Levine, Gail Carson – Ella Enchanted
  • Hale, Shannon – The Princess Academy
  • Lowry, Lois – Number the Stars
  • Magras, Diane – The Mad Wolf’s Daughter
  • Mull, Brandon – Candy Shop War
  • Palacio, R.J. – Wonder
  • Paulsen, Gary – Hatchet
  • Roberts, Willo Davis – Scared Stiff
  • Ryan, Pam Munoz – Esperanza Rising
  • Sachar, Louis – Holes
  • Vernick, Audrey – Brothers at Bat: The True Story of an Amazing All-Brother Baseball Team
  • Wiles, Deborah – Love, Ruby Lavender
  • Winthrop, Elizabeth – The Castle in the Attic

Middle Schools, 7-8 Grade:

  • Christina Soontornvat – The Last Mapmaker (359 pg)
  • Gary Paulsen – Northwind (246 pg)
  • Lindsay Eagar – The Patron Thief of Bread (442 pg)
  • Donna Barba Higuera – Lupe Wong Won’t Dance (263 pg)
  • Kelsey Hartwell – 11 Paper Hearts (295 pg)
  • Rick Riordan – Daughter of the Deep (not listed)
  • Jacqueline Woodson – Harbor Me (176 pg)
  • Erin Entrada Kelly – We Dream of Space (391 pg)
  • Adam Gidwitz – The Inquisitor’s Tale (363 pg)
  • Hugh Lofting – Doctor Dolittle (122 pg)
  • Nancy Springer – The Case of the Missing Marquess (Enola Holmes #1) (216 pg)
  • V.E. Schwab – Gallant (338 pg)
  • Daniel Nayeri – Everything Sad is Untrue (356 pg)
  • Christina Diaz Gonzalez – Invisible (195 pg)
  • Jasmine Warga – Other Words for Home (342 pg)
  • Bryan Stevenson – Just Mercy (YA Edition) (277 pg)

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