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Canyon Crest Elementary School

Canyon Crest held their annual STEM Fair on January 26, 2024.  All Fourth through Sixth Grade students were encouraged to participate.  Students created displays featuring their research in science, computers, engineering etc.  It was fantastic to see the learning that had taken place as students completed their projects.

A special thank you is due to Mrs. Blinzinger who was in charge of our STEM Fair this year.  She coordinated all the efforts of students and teachers and helped us to have the best fair ever. 

Winners 3rd – 4th Grade Participants 

  • 1st Place:  Everett Y.  “Grippy Shoes”
  • 2nd Place:  Zach M. “Wake Me Up Before you Go Go!”
  • 3rd Place:  Jacob H. “Archimedes Screw Pump”

Winners 5th – 6th Participant Awards

  • 1st Place:  Kyla T. and Ashlie G. “Popcorn, which microwave popcorn is best?”
  • 2nd Place:  Atticus D. “Mouse MAZE”
  • 3rd Place:  Ben M. “Double Dribble–which surface allows the ball to bounce the highest with the least amount of energy?”

Moving on to District

Cole O., Braxton N., Boston T., Eliana L. and Kathryn W., Carver D., Maricella M. and Ivy M., Theo B. and Austin A.




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