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Last modified: March 6, 2019


This year the theme for ProvoREADS is ONCE UPON A TIME!

Once upon a time, ProvoREADS is back and ready for another school year. Each year, ProvoREADS chooses an author, book, theme, or genre of literature to highlight for students. This school year the ProvoREADS’ theme is focused on fairytales and folklore. With such an engaging theme, boys and girls will be drawn into the depths of reading as they discover many things from knights in shining armor to cultural traditions around the world. There are no limits when it comes to losing oneself in a good book, and that is what ProvoREADS is all about.

Because this year’s theme is fairytales and folklore, each month will have a designated topic to focus on.

Each month there will be a list of books that students can choose from. As a student finishes a book, they can put their name into a raffle in hopes of receiving a free book. We will share these great reading lists with you each month on the district website, so stay tuned!

We hope students get lost in these books and enjoy the places they go within the pages. What an exciting time to get lost in a fairytale. It is almost certain these books will provide students with a “happily ever after” by the end of the school year.