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Canyon Crest Elementary School

Dear Parents,

I know this is a lot of information but please read all of this page and pay special attention to the bolded sections.  Attached you will find the information for registration. Registration deadline is DECEMBER 17TH. If you have any questions please contact Melinda Powell

Thank you for your patience in this crazy year! There are a few things that will be different than in past years, so please carefully look over the following pricing and important information.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Nate Ahlborn


Lesson price (includes all four weeks)-$240 This price DOES NOT INCLUDE lift tickets or rentals!

Bus Fee (includes all four week) -$40 This will be paid separately to Canyon Crest. Everyone will have to pay for/ride the bus. Sundance will not allow parents to drop off/pickup at Sundance. 

Add ons

  • Lift tickets (for all four weeks)-$100 Lift tickets must be purchased if participant does not have a season pass.  If you are using a corporate season pass please make sure your child can use it the day of the lesson.
  • Ski or snowboard rentals (for all four weeks)-$80 Participants don’t have to rent from Sundance, but it makes it much more convenient already having the skis up here ready to go!
  • Helmet Rental (For all four weeks)- $20 Helmets are not required but are always a good idea!

Important information

* NO REFUNDS. (I will consider special cases such as broken bones, moving and COVID but you must contact Nate Ahlborn the Sundance Program Coordinator at


* All parent/guardians must complete and sign an online waiver for each participant. The waiver link will be in the registration email.  Participants without signed waivers by the first day of lessons will be unable to participate

*Skiers must be at least 8 years old to participate & snowboarders must be at least 9 years old.  If a child is found to be younger than the above ages, they will be released from the program without a refund.

* Helmets are suggested but not required.

*Parents must be made aware that if there is free skiing after the lesson there won’t be supervision from Sundance instructors. Students should be encouraged to ski with a parent or chaperone after ski/snowboard class.

*Program sizes and instructor availability are very limited this year due to COVID-19. Be aware that if you sign up a higher level skier (level 5 and up) they may (and probably will) be put in a lower level class.  For example, one higher level class could consist of level 5-9.  The instructor of this class will mostly focus on teaching the level 5s.  Refunds will not be given if your higher level skier is bored in the lower level class!

* If a participant wants to be in the same class as friends/siblings that ski at a higher level than the participant, the friends/siblings must move down to the participant’s level.  The lower level participant cannot move up.

I would highly suggest that if any participant plans on skiing on other days outside of the program lessons they purchase a season pass and either purchase skis or do season rentals through Sundance or another ski shop in the valley!

Email me at if you have any questions, concerns or issues about registration!

We look forward to seeing you up at Sundance!

Ski level paper

Ski School Registration

Canyon Crest Release Forms


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