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Being an Upstander – Canyon Crest Elementary

(An important presentation from our wonderful social worker Michael Blakey)

I can understand what it means to be an upstander and why being an upstander is an important part of ROAR.

ROAR behavior is so important!

  • Respect
  • Ownership
  • Attitude
  • Responsibility

At Canyon Crest we can show Respect by:

  • Listening to teachers and aides
  • Listening to other students
  • Choosing to be kind

At Canyon Crest we can show Ownership by:

  • Saying we are sorry when we have done something wrong
  • Watching out for each other

At Canyon Crest we can show Attitude by:

  • Having a positive behavior at recess
  • Looking for the good in others
  • Choosing to be kind

At Canyon Crest we can show Responsibility by:

  • Taking care of each other
  • Standing up for yourself and others
  • Saying we are sorry

ROAR means being an upstander

  • What is an upstander?
    • We are going to learn what it means to be an upstander by watching a video.
    • As you watch the video, pay attention to what it means to be an upstander.

What did we learn?

  1. What are characteristics of bullying?
    • Someone being mean to someone else.
      • Possibly someone who is bigger or stronger picking on someone who is smaller or perceived as physically weaker.
  2. What does it mean to be an upstander?
    • Someone who STANDS UP to bullying.
  3. What is a bystander?
    • A bystander is someone who sees bullying happen, but does not know what to do about bullying.

      4. What are the 4 upstanding options?

    • Be a buddy
    • Interrupt
    • Speak out
    • Tell someone

Canyon Crest Cubs are UPSTANDERS!

Do you commit to being an upstander?

Let’s all be Upstanders and show ROAR behavior at Canyon Crest!


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