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Canyon Crest Elementary School

Dear Canyon Crest Community,

Amidst the snowflakes and hearts throughout the school, you can find great learning happening at Canyon Crest! Parent–Teacher Conferences are upon us, and we encourage every parent to attend their child’s SEPs this week. It is critical to your child’s success and progress that teachers and parents communicate on a personal basis. We hope to see you there in support of your student.

We had 131 students with perfect attendance last month! In spite of the cold and flu season, we improved our attendance from the last couple of months. Way to go Canyon Crest Cubs!

Thanks to those patrons who supported our Community Dinner Night at “The Habit”. It was a fun and packed evening, and the funds we raised will go toward grade-level robotics. It is a win-win for everyone!

An update on our Space Lab: IT’S ALMOST THERE!!! We are working on the tables, stools, computers, and final touches in the Lab. It is looking AWESOME!!! We should be up and running soon!

A parting Valentine thought of ways we can connect with our “Everyday Learners”: Connect through laughing, connect in playing, connect by asking questions, connect by apologizing, and connect through writing your feelings to your child. The greatest gift we can give our children is the gift of continued connection and love. If we strive to make that a priority in our lives, we can help the children in our lives reach their full potential and build resilience to overcome adversity.

Have a wonderful month!

Rene Cunningham


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