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Our Kindergarteners have had a wonderful year. They have had two wonderful teachers, Mrs. McLeod and Mrs. Maughan. We celebrate them all, and all the amazing milestones that they have crossed this year. (Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see a video and see some pictures.) Here is a little bit of their program:

We would like to welcome you all here straight from our hearts. So sit back and enjoy as we take you back straight to the start.

In August we hurried off to school, To make new friends, learn and play. But before we could even get started, there were rules we had to follow and obey. Rules Once, Rules Twice, Kindergarten was so nice.

In September we learned our ABC’s, colors, shapes, months and days. There was so much to learn but we knew this is where we wanted to stay. We wrote about pets, friends, school or a favorite vacation. We start each sentence with a capital, and end with punctuation. We love to go to specialties, Music is number one. We love library, and P.E. is just plain fun. Learning once, Learning Twice, Kindergarten was so nice!

In October we took a rainy trip to Jaker’s Farms. We learned about apples, pumpkins and bats; scarecrow, and crawling spiders and how to spell words like C-A-T! Recess is our favorite time of day, Running and swinging, we love to play. Smiling once, smiling twice, Kindergarten was so nice.

In November we did learn of a special feast. We studied about Pilgrims and Native Americans too. We ate pumpkin pie and we saw turkeys with kindergarten feet! Gobble Once, Gobble Twice, Kindergarten was so nice.

In December, busy children were we. We made special gifts for our families to see. We learned of Christmas near and far, we went on the Polar Express, we wore our pajamas all day long! We performed our Christmas songs. Jingle once, Jingle Twice, Kindergarten was so nice.

In January, we learned about Martin Luther King and how he preached “Let Freedom Ring”! On the hundredth day of school, counting to one-hundred was heard throughout the hall. We came as 100-year-olds and didn’t even fall! Counting once, Counting  twice, Kindergarten was so nice.

In February, we learned about Groundhog Day, and shadows. Six more weeks of winter – Oh, No! We studied some famous Presidents and symbols of the U.S.A. My, we are proud to be living here today. We crafted our boxes with love and care, with hopes there would be Valentines in there. Love once, Love Twice, Kindergarten was so nice.

In March the wind was cold and strong. In April the days were long. We studied butterflies, birds and gathered signs of spring. We planted grass and flowers, oh what a beautiful thing! In music we learned a nursery rhyme, get out your camera because now is the time. Spring once, Spring twice, Kindergarten was so nice.

It’s May and we’ve grown so much. We learned all of the letters, numbers and such. We have learned addition and subtraction, it didn’t take long. We learned to read and write and sing some songs. We have made lots of friends and learned to share – and listen to our teachers, who really care.

Graduation Day is finally here, ready to grow, it’s very clear. It seems that we have just begun, but Kindergarten’s almost done. So thank you to our teachers – we learned what we should and now we’re off to first grade. Hip Hip Hooray! We have waited for this exciting day! Now it’s here at last. Hip-Hip-Hooray! Now you’ve seen for yourself what we have learned this year. If you think we deserve to move to First Grade, please give us a great big cheer! First grade once, first grade twice. Kindergarten was so nice!


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