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Canyon Crest Elementary School

When you get to school a little early and you have a few minutes to wait, it’s a great time to work on Typing Club! Every little bit of practice time helps students to strengthen their muscle memory when they are practicing correctly – Don’t Look at Your Hands and Use all 10 fingers. These kids are from Ms. Blinzinger’s class and their class has had some of the most students reaching their 1 hour of practice per week goal. Good job kids. I think a lot of the children at our school are starting to really believe that PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS! Keep up the good work everyone!


We are looking for a new health clerk. The health clerk works in our main office helping students who may become ill or injured at school. They also help students with chronic diseases like diabetes,...

VOTE RESPONSIBLY Join us on Thursday, June 2nd, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for a "District 4" School Board Candidate Meet and Greet at the Provo School District "Professional Development...