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One of our Canyon Crest students, Rachel J. in the 5th grade, submitted a bookmark design to an annual Make Your Mark bookmark design contest and was selected as a winner in the 4th through 6th grade category by Nancy Rivera with the Utah Division of Arts and Museums. This means she has won a $1,000 my529 college savings scholarship account!  Mrs. Cunningham, Mrs. Naylor, or one of her teachers are invited to attend an awards luncheon where she’ll be recognized for her outstanding achievement. The luncheon will be held Friday, November 22, 2019, from noon to 1 p.m., in the Founders Room of the Zions Bank headquarters in Salt Lake City.We’re so excited for you Rachel and so proud of you for sharing your talents.  Congratulations Rachel!!!!!

my529, UtahFutures sponsor 10th annual student scholarship event

(Salt Lake City) Two Provo School District students each won a $1,000 college scholarship for their artwork in my529 and UtahFutures’ Make Your Mark bookmark contest. More than 1,800 students in four age categories entered original designs for a chance at a $1,000 my529 college savings scholarship account.

Rachel Jensen, a fifth-grader at Canyon Crest Elementary, and Madeline Hoyt, a Timpview High School sophomore, were honored with other winners at an awards luncheon Friday, November 22, at Zions Bank headquarters in Salt Lake City.

Make Your Mark is open to all Utah students every September, which Governor Gary Herbert designates as College Savings Month. In its 10th year, the contest advances awareness about preparing for higher education expenses while promoting art, reading and education.

Rachel’s bookmark depicted a calico cat snoozing on a bookshelf, surrounded by a bunch of “famous” feline literature, such as “Harry Catter,” “Catter Pan,” “Catsy Drew” and “Lord of the Cats.”

“There’s this cat next door. It’s a calico. It’s so nice to me. I decided to draw a bookmark around it and then renamed some of the classic books,” said Rachel, who also has a cat of her own.

“I love art in general. I like P.E., and I’m pretty good at math,” Rachel said of her academic interests. She’s also a ski racer, competing in her third year of ski team at Sundance.

College for Rachel is an expectation.

“My husband is a college professor in the philosophy department at BYU, so we all expect that she’ll go,” said her mom, Ashley Jensen.

In the future, Rachel would like to be an architect and design houses—helpful, too, that mom is a realtor, “so she’s in houses a lot,” Ashley Jensen said.

Winner Madeline Hoyt also has hopes to become an architect or possibly a graphic designer.

“I’m interested in going to BYU since both of my parents went there. Both of my parents got good degrees,” Madeline said. “I would also love to join the Peace Corps.”

Explaining her inspiration for her bookmark, Madeline said, “I really liked the idea of a tree reading a book. I see trees as possessing such knowledge and wisdom because of the rings.”

Madeline also finds inspiration in books, expressing how “magical” she finds the Harry Potter books. “I’ve read the whole series at least 17 times,” she said. “I’m the biggest Harry Potter fan ever.”

Rachel and Madeline can use their scholarship funds at any eligible college, university or technical school in the United States or abroad that is qualified to participate in federal student aid programs—not just schools in Utah. Scholarship money can be used to pay for qualified higher education expenses like tuition, fees, computers, required books, supplies and equipment.

See the winning entries at

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About UtahFutures is Utah’s career information system for students, job seekers, employment service providers, educational institutions and more. UtahFutures features career planning tools, leading labor market information, job search success skills, education and training options, and direct links to Utah employers and current employment opportunities.

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