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May Principal’s Message

As the 2021-22 school year is winding down, I want to first thank our wonderful Canyon Crest staff for their devotion and perseverance in teaching the children of this community over the past three years. It’s been a daunting task with all the challenges that education has faced; but teachers are continuing to teach, and our support staff continues to support through the very last days of school. All efforts are front and center to help each student be successful in their learning. I am proud and privileged to have witnessed this marvelous work and rub shoulders with such dedicated individuals. I also want to thank our beautiful students for their hard work and determination to learn, and they couldn’t be nearly as successful without their wonderfully supportive parents. Thank you, Canyon Crest Community for your commitment to learning and student success.

We now welcome the new Canyon Crest principal, Sean Edwards, and facilitator, Deanna Lee who will join you for the next school year. What a treat they are in for as they embark on their service at Canyon Crest. And, although Des and I are experiencing VERY mixed emotions, we lovingly wish everyone here the very best and look toward our new adventures.

Have a wonderful and safe summer break. We love you all.

Rene Cunningham, Retiring Principal