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Canyon Crest Elementary School

The smell of wood-burning smoke on crisp fall mornings, the colors of fall leaves on the mountain, paper pumpkins in the hallways, the excitement in children’s voices as they talk about their Halloween costumes . . . all make this is my favorite part of the school year!

We are off to a great year of learning! It’s hard to believe that September is behind us and we are soaring into October. I’d like to update our school community on what we’ve been up to so far. . . .


We are excited to report that for the month of September, 146 students had PERFECT attendance! That equates to 30% of our student body that did not have any tardies, absences, check-outs, etc. for the entire month! These students received a Pizza Pie Café certificate and prize. Students now have an opportunity to work toward another incentive for the month of October. Our goal is to beat our 30%! Parents, please remember not to send students who are ill to school. Although we recognize the importance of students being present at school, we are now moving into the cold and flu season and students should be at home if they are not well.

New Technology in Classrooms

We are trying to ensure that teachers and students have the necessary technology in their classrooms to receive the best possible learning opportunities.

Since the beginning of the school year, each teacher has received an ipad to enable them to administer the DIBELS tests and progress monitor students to follow student progress. We have also ordered document cameras, and headphones for teachers who do not have access to these devices in their classrooms. We have four new chromebook labs in the school and seven teachers attending the District Learning Initiative to learn how to effectively use the chromebook labs in teaching core content. Laptops for some of our specialty classes have also been ordered to help teach their subject areas more effectively. Lots of great things are happening as we move toward becoming a stronger STEM school!

Student Data

Student RISE tests are in from the 2018-19 school year. Teachers are reviewing the data, and are making team goals around the results. These reports will be given to parents and students during SEPs November 6th -8th.  For students who were sixth graders last year and have left Canyon Crest, reports will be available in the main office for pick-up through November 8th.

Space Lab Update

Construction has begun on our Space Lab! Yeah! District personnel have stepped in to move this process along and a team of wonderful parents are helping to add their touch on the cosmetic aspect of the lab. The equipment and software are here and we are hopeful that we will be up and running soon!

Safe Schools Update

Our new updated Safe Schools classroom doors are here and our district maintenance personnel are preparing the door jams in each room for their installation. They are working after school and on weekends to not disrupt student learning during school hours. The doors are scheduled to be installed during Fall Break.  The purpose of the updated doors is for better security in the event of a school lockdown.

Parents, please talk with your child about parking lot safety. Children should not be let out in areas other than the designated drop-off area. If students must cross the parking lot they should be accompanied by an adult and walk in the crosswalk. We have had a few young children cross the lot around parked cars and we’ve had a couple of close calls. Scooter and bike riders are also at risk as they enter the parking lot. Please remind your children to walk bikes and scooters once they are on school grounds, as well as talk to them about the risks of playing with balls and running after them when they roll into the parking lot. We will be reminding students of these concerns during morning announcements, but support from home is always appreciated. STUDENT SAFETY is our NUMBER ONE concern!

Thank you, Parents, for your support in a successful first several weeks of school. We look forward to fun and engaged learning in the months ahead. If you have concerns that need my attention, please know my door is always open!

Happy Fall!

Rene Cunningham, Principal

Canyon Crest Elementary


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