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Welcome back to school Canyon Crest Students, Staff, and Families!!!! We are happy to be back in the swing of a new school year, and are so glad to see the return of most of our students. We look forward to meeting our new Kindergarten students tomorrow as they begin their academic careers!

If you have dropped your children off at the front of the school, you can’t have missed the beautiful new flower beds at the front of our building! We’d like to thank Brooke Macdonald for spearheading this project, Rachel and Ryan Cook for helping arrange and donate much of the materials, and the many families that came to the planting and mulching nights organized by Brooke. We are fortunate to live in a community where there is pride in our school  and neighborhood and willingness to serve to make it a place where students want to come to school. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

We had a great Back-to-School Night where we met to introduce our school staff, talk about some school and PTA information, and then meet the teachers. It was a well-attended evening. There was a lot of energy and so many smiling faces! It got us off to a great school year! Thank you, too, parents who have attended our Friday Parent Meetings where you can learn about your child’s school year and ask questions you may have of your child’s teacher. We appreciate your team effort in learning about the expectations of your student’s learning environment and getting to know your child’s teacher a bit better. We have a wonderful staff this year!

There are many fun upcoming events for the year, so we encourage you to visit our school website and read the newsletters that will fill you in for the week/month’s events. We have a new TV to broadcast information in the front foyer, and you should be hearing from your children’s teachers on a routine basis. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your child’s teacher, and our office doors are also open.

We look forward to a GREAT school year and thank you, again, for your service you have given, and I’m sure will give throughout the school year. Please get involved in your children’s classrooms and through the PTA. It’s such a boost to the children and school program. We have a wonderful PTA President, Lindsey Denning, whom you are welcome to reach out to as well. We thank her for all her efforts in behalf of Canyon Crest.

Have a wonderful rest of your August! We will see you around the school!


Rene Cunningham