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Our Dear Wonderful Canyon Crest Families,

I am in amazement that we are here in May with only three weeks left of school! On one hand, our school year seems to have flown by, and on the other it seems that we have been in the soft school closure forever! I just want to THANK, THANK, THANK our parents, students, and teachers for seeing this very unique year through to a close. We appreciate everyone’s part in helping our students have the best possible learning opportunities this school year. It has been an unusual one, indeed!

Our schedule for the rest of the school year will be as follows:

* Our final day of new assignments from teachers will be Friday, May 15th. Students will have a couple of days to complete assignments through May 19th until our technology collection begins.

* Chromebook and musical instrument (6th grade only) will take place from May 20th through May 22nd. This will be coordinated through district personnel, so please watch for more information coming about collection efforts.

* The official last day of school is May 22nd.

Our sixth grade teachers, PTA, and administration are working hard to ensure that our dear Sixth Graders have the memorable and honorable graduation ceremony that they deserve. It may look a little different than our traditional graduation ceremonies at Canyon Crest, but it will certainly be memorable and just as heartfelt! Graduation will take place on May 19th at 5:30 pm. Please watch for more details coming your way from your student’s teacher.

Our teachers have completed the district and state training, as scheduled. We are now, as grade level teams, reviewing the different programmable options that teachers have to use with their students in upcoming years. This is an important step for our school in helping us become more STEM prepared and trained to help our students learn coding and programming skills for future school and employment opportunities. We so much want to thank our parent donors for their generous school donations to help make the purchase of programmables possible for our students.

There are so many we would like to thank for their strong support throughout the school year. Thank you to Ariela Padilla, our PTA President, and her PTA Board for the many hours of service they have rendered. Also, thank you to our School Community Council for the direction and support they have given our school. We look forward to continued work with them next year as well.  Also, a big thank you to Sally Burningham for getting our Jr. Achievement off the ground. Currently we are beginning some online courses for some of our students, but will be fully up and running next year with the J. Achievement program.

Again, we want to thank EACH of you and the important role you have played in your students’ education this year. Just as so many parents have expressed a new appreciation for what teachers do in the classroom each day, we are very appreciative of, and recognize the effort and support you have given your children to ensure quality learning throughout the remainder of the school year. This year, especially, it has “taken a village”! We love and appreciate our Canyon Crest Village!

What a privilege it has been to serve as the principal of Canyon Crest Elementary this year. You have been warm and welcoming, and I look forward to serving our darling students alongside you next year. I am very proud of our teachers and the excellent efforts they have demonstrated during this very challenging school year.  We will continue our communication with you during the summer to let you know upcoming student class placements and what we can expect for the new school year as information comes our way. Thank you, again, for a successful and memorable 2019-2020 school year!

Sincerely, and with appreciation,

Rene Cunningham, Principal